Passionate about pastry, particularly macarons, I embarked on the challenge at the age of 16 to create the perfect macaron in my mom’s kitchen. After five years of dedication, I discovered my ideal recipe, harmonizing a delicate shell with a flavorful ganache to achieve an unparalleled macaron. 

My journey unfolds in three distinct phases: initial artisanal conception in the family kitchen, subsequent growth and professionalization with the assistance of my partner, Philippe, and ultimately, the implementation of automation while steadfastly maintaining the quality of our flagship product. Today, we continue the story in our brand-new building of 17,000 square meters, with a dedicated team of 350 employees. Bolstered by our exceptional team, PMSweet has undergone a remarkable growth, catapulting our production from 10,000 to over 1,000,000 macarons per day.

Today, the narrative of PMSweet is crafted by three individuals. Guillaume, Arnaud, and I form a robust and unified team with the ambition to create, craft, and distribute high-quality macarons at the best prices. This is achieved by seamlessly integrating flexibility, quality, and large-scale production. Surrounded by our team, we take immense pride in being the preferred designer-producers for major retail chains globally, exporting our macarons to over 30 countries.




Belgian and artisanal production

All our products are handmade in our company located in Liege, Belgium.


Natural ingredients

We know the origin of all our ingredients and are therefore able to guarantee their natural origin, including colourings.


Quality certifications

PMSweet is IFS, BRC and Fairtrade certified. You can download our certificate here.


Low-sugar products

We strive to create refined and tasty products, limiting the amount of sugar until we find the perfect balance between the shell and the ganache.


Tailor-made flavours

Our team is inventive, creative and attentive to your needs: from flavour combinations to colour combinations, they can imagine everything with you.


Sweet or savoury, exceptional macaroons

Our macaroons combine a crunchy shell, made of almonds and meringue, with a melting and generous ganache.


Macaroons of 12, 15 and 20 grams

We offer our macaroons in various sizes. This way, you are always sure to find the right product for your area.


Personalization of the buttons

Colours to match your image, various flavours or the printing of a logo, especially for your company.


Logistics as you like it

Thanks to our logistics partners, we deliver (EXW, CIF or DDP), regularly, without minimum orders and with low logistics costs.


Halal and Kosher range on request

We are committed to meeting the needs of each of our customers. And every one of yours.


Tailor-made flavours

All our products are handmade in our company located in Liege, Belgium.

Mercotte’s testimony

“It’s kind of like watching Michael grow up. This boy is talented. Why have I never seen him on Meilleur Pâtissier? Probably because he was already in his workshops… Fortunately, he took the time to come and see me in Paris. We were able to meet and appreciate each other. He is always working on his recipes, he evolves and knows how to surround himself. I thank him for thinking about me a little. Good luck, Michaël, and good deployment!

Paris, June 20, 2015 – Mercotte, French food critic, blogger and foodie.

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