REPRESENTATIVES – Contracts entered into by our representatives are valid only after our acceptance. Invoice means acceptance.

FLUCTUATIONS – If between the date of sale and the date of supply, import duties, tax rates, transportation and/or insurance costs should vary, we are entitled to charge any variation greater than 1% of the selling price. In the event of a fluctuation of the Euro against the currency of the country of origin of an imported good, we shall have the right to terminate the contract unless the buyer agrees to bear the price difference resulting from the change in the currency rate.

TRANSPORT – Goods travel at the sole risk of the buyer even if the shipment is made carriage paid. The weight invoiced is the one noted at the departure of our stores. The packaging is checked before shipment. In case of missing or damaged, the buyer must exercise his recourse against the third party carrier.

DELIVERIES – Unless otherwise agreed, all our prices are ex our stores in Liege.

QUALITY – Complaints for the quality and nature of the goods supplied must be made and sent within 72 hours of receipt of the goods by registered letter. Otherwise, they cannot be taken into consideration.

PAYMENT – Our prices are for net cash payment without discount. The goods are payable in Liege. Any payment not made within 30 days of the invoice date constitutes a delay in payment. We have the right to dispose of our buyers without the issue of the draft being considered as a derogation to the place of payment. The bill of exchange stamps and collection costs are for the account of the buyers. No payment in cash is valid only against our signature or those of our deliverymen duly authorized at the time of the deliveries. No dispute can be used as a pretext to defer payment.

LATE PAYMENT: Any delay in payment will result, without formal notice: – The calculation of late payment interest at the rate of 12% per year from the due date mentioned on the invoice. – A fixed increase of 12% of the unpaid amount with a minimum of 75e to cover our administrative costs of recovery. In addition, ten days after a formal notice by registered mail, the file will be transferred to litigation for recovery by all legal means, all procedural costs at your expense.

DISPUTES – Any dispute that may arise from one of our contracts will be decided by the Courts of Liege.

The conditions of sale listed on the back of purchase orders shall also apply.

sont également d’application.